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Full Version: If we ignore him, perhaps he'll get bored and go away...
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Let's do it.
...its probably been ok for the site's traffic and ad revenue stats though. So there's a small plus.
Can’t beat a bit of clickbait
Appeasement against Denialism? No....

Some of the most contentious political debates today turn on empirical science. How is Covid transmitted? Do vaccines work? Is climate change man made? What does 99.9% probability mean? These are factual matters that should transcend politics. But, as we now see, politics can go to war against facts. Have these questions been raised as a direct consequence of Trump, consumed by PR and operating a corrupt family 'empire'? Although this could be viewed as popularism generally. As we faced an existential threat, requiring a scientific emergency response, how to prevent the threat of Covid. I use Trump as many of these influencers and social media sources originate from those shores.

With the political timing bad, for Trump, and a significant minority not believing (as they see this World) these 'fairy-tales'. It troubles and concerns me with their exaggerated dimentions of their response. There is and was a Covid pandemic and many of the scientific experts, with knowledge in this field, were and are over ruled by political idiots and billionaire insiders. It is a denial of science. What can we do about it?

Perhaps the next issue is manmade climate change? Maybe a continuance of Covid? Maybe the next pandemic, that could be a more existential threat than Covid? Unfortunately some view it as about politics. But it is not just about politics. Many of those same idiot politicians and news outlets don't believe it to have been a significant event. However, others say it was and is a significant event, I am one of those. So it goes beyond politics. It applies scientific warnings in how we deal with this pandemic and the next and the next........

It is also how our politicians and influencers interact with the press, social media and the political landscape. They need a dose of reality. It is as they push the lies. They don't just appear. They originate from somewhere. They come from actual conduct. From actual people within actual positions of power. That should be seen as concerning, scary almost.

There are those who will disagree with my thoughts. I accept their views too. Doesn't mean I agree with their arguement. But rather than soundbites discuss. No passive aggression. To appease or not?
Wtf does that all actually mean?
Trouble is though Oct', its like that phrase about never playing chess with a pigeon. It'll knock over all the pieces, shit all over the board and then strut about likes its won.

Get your point tho'.
We've had close to zero objective science being conveyed to the public because top, top scientists are constantly being censored (including Nobel Prize winners). Whereas others with a massive record of failure (Ferguson and Fauci) are lauded as experts (by the corporate media at least).

Science depends on all views being heard and evaluated. A massive problem is that too many people have a narrow information source and, unbelievably, still trust the MSM.

What we have, mostly, is propaganda and censorship; that coincidentally, always aligns with Big Pharma's profits.

Climate change is real.

 However, it will CERTAINLY be manipulated by our Corporate 'Over Lords' for their benefit and anyone who points out the inevitable corruption that is bound to follow will also be termed 'denialists' (no matter how expert or well intentioned).
Ignore him then, but just because you don't agree with what he says doesn't mean he doesn't have a right to post. He may be persistent and over the top but that's nothing new for the politics and brexit section!
Can you just clarify who you are talking about - I see two contenders...
Maybe if one of them went away and then came back under a different username - and no-one would know. What do you think 'Brian'?
(31-01-2022, 08:55 AM)Tufnell_Chimes Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe if one of them went away and then came back under a different username - and no-one would know. What do you think 'Brian'?

You’re just as bad mush so wtf are you on about