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Full Version: well done sport
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Man u tear up aeroflot sponsorship, fomula one cancel sochi GP and the euro cup final is moved from russia.

A good start.
(25-02-2022, 01:06 PM)brian bromley Wrote: [ -> ]Man u tear up aeroflot sponsorship, fomula one cancel sochi GP and the euro cup final is moved from russia.

A good start.

A 5 year ban on all Russian teams from European competitions, kicking them totally out of FIFA, a proper Olympic ban, and total bans from all Athletic tournaments should be the next steps.
Now they need to disqualify Spartak Moscow from the Champions League, Daniil Medvedev from the TPA, the Haas F1 team, cancel the Bolshoi Ballet residence at the Royal Albert Hall, pack up the Faberge exhibition at the V&A, and any other Russian-centric event held outside of Mother Russia. Economic and cultural isolation.

And a worldwide boycott of goods manufactured in China. I know boycott's rarely work but it seems his good mate Xi is the only one big enough to tell him what a tool he's been.

...and Eurovision!
(25-02-2022, 01:06 PM)brian bromley Wrote: [ -> ]Man u tear up aeroflot sponsorship, fomula one cancel sochi GP and the euro cup final is moved from russia.

A good start.

Well done sport?? you must be joking. I bet Putin is really crapping himself over that. One football club decides to stop using a Russian airline, a corrupt and hypocritical planet destroying sport cancels 1 race, and another corrupt organisation is "monitoring the situation" before they decide if they want to lose £30m worth of sponsorship, but move a game of football from one country to another just to show they've done something.
This is a return to the Soviet mentality and expansionism post WW2 so I doubt Putin could give a flying one about what the rest of the world thinks and does. Unfortunately the only message a despotic Russian leader ever understands is to stand up to his aggression such as JFK in the Cuban missile crisis. After all of his shoe banging and bragging at the UN, Khrushchev soon turned tail and fled when the US issued an ultimatum. Putin is just another in a long line of Soviet bully boys that stretch way back so I believe Biden’s vow not to help the Ukraine militarily was tantamount to a green light for what came next. Even if that’s what he thinks it was stupid to say it. Sanctions on their own won’t get a single Russian out of the Ukraine and Putin is not about to back out any time soon, if ever, unless he gets drawn into a protracted war and the body count in Moscow starts rising. He’s played his hand, regards himself as a strongman and to pull out would admit to failure and weakness. This will probably go on for years despite the tragic courage of the Ukranian troops and people which is hard to watch.

This, however is encouraging. 435 arrests in a crowd of 2000 that hardly looks troublesome. He’s lifted the lid on something that has probably been simmering for some time and will hopefully prove to be his downfall.

A word for Gorbie who is going strong at 91 years old this coming Wednesday and gave the world at least a little respite from all of this bullshit.
I agree (well I usually do with you) the west is just kickin it down the road until it eventually it cannot be ignored.
We ignored the magnificently  peaceful behaviour of the people of Belarus and let putin put a puppet regime in place, the same will probably  happen in the Ukraine. 
  There is largely silent hatred of putin in russia, any protest is savagely put down.

Where is the next country to get the same treatment? Moldova maybe? 

The west has to wake up to the reality, putin is rebuilding the imperial russia it's likely Poland will once again be the flashpoint  that ignites WW.
And southie, Man u canceld the sponsorship from aeroflot cost themselves millions.

All the points I raised will be seen by the russian masses they have no private TV or radio just bullshit from the state controlled media.
Sowin seeds is the aim.

and pay attention at the back, they have already been kicked out of eurovision.
I ordered the expulsion of Russia from the Eurovision Song Contest over an hour ago.
25 minutes ago it was first reported that it had been done.  Cool

If you want to get unnecessarily shitty, pay attention to your spelling, grammar, spacing, proper nouns ...everything.
try my eyesight cretin.

i aint gonna explain it again, there are no rules regarding following a convention  you see as a measure of intelligence, language evolves.
(25-02-2022, 05:25 PM)brian bromley Wrote: [ -> ]try my eyesight cretin.

Well don't be a dick.

...and language may evolve, but its only manners to make it legible.
My neighbour's Russian. He's always polite but keeps himself to himself, not one for any small talk.  I left a steaming turd on his doorstep this afternoon in a show of solidarity with our Ukrainian cousins and i think he got the message. Now i don't think my actions are going to hold Putin back but every gesture, no matter how token, must be encouraged.
A commendable but ill-considered gesture. What if the Ivan next door slips on your faecal matter and bangs his head? The tiny Union Jack flag you planted in your humanitarian dump would be a dead giveaway and give Comrade Putin the pretext he needs to start WW3.