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Full Version: Rwanda
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Nice place.
Interesting that in that speech, that was really only made to move attention away from the police evidence of johnson now proven as a liar, he actually lied during the presentation. Priti Patel's parents didn't flee Uganda as refugees - its well known that they were economic migrants who left Uganda years before Idi Amin ever came to power. Try it today and they'd find themselves practically back home, Rewanda shares a border.
How do you persuade another country to take your "unwanted" in the first place?

We could have paid Scotland.
(14-04-2022, 03:11 PM)stayinupforever Wrote: [ -> ]How do you persuade another country to take your "unwanted" in the first place?

We could have paid Scotland.

Is Australia no longer an option ?
No danger of the courts accepting this. It will also be interesting to see what will be expected of the Navy.
Build a wall.

Did Porky say the people smugglers (absolute scum) are getting rubber boats in bulk from Ali express (China)
People seeking asylum in the UK will be sent to Rwanda for processing.

mmmmm tasty, tasty, very very tasty
Works for me, but you’ve got to catch them first.
The tories used to say they were the party that could best look after the economy - well they can't say that anymore. They used to say they were the party of law and order - well they can't say that anymore. What's left? Fresh fake meat to the gammon-headed. Embarrassing.
This is bizarre. Grotesque, even. I'm finding it quite hard to believe. You'd think I'd be used to this government by now.
Smirnoff please stop being so gammon headed. Big Grin
Big Grin Fook the limp wristed, hand wringing, tree hugging wannabe Liberal left......GAMMON ARMY, revel in it!
Do all those come as a set ,or can somebody be just one of them ?
Asking for a friend.
They usually start with only one of the stated afflictions. Over time, through mixing only with their own kind they develope the full set aaaaaaaaaand more!
Hugging a tree, or wringing hands, whilst suffering from limp wrists, sounds HARD.
Big Grin A limp hug?
(16-04-2022, 06:48 PM)Smirnoffexpress Wrote: [ -> ]Big Grin A limp hug?

You missed out pinko and sandal wearing mr S.
The tank commander wouldn't be happy with you missing that out
Sorry, I must up my game. Big Grin