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Full Version: Silly Season News
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(05-05-2022, 12:24 PM)Cressers Wrote: [ -> ]Proof the FA know FA.

You’d think they might have had something more important to worry about that that ffs.

They really do know sweet FA about the sport they are supposed to govern or the fans who support it.

How is the song offensive anyway? This is the home of football and if other nations are offended by that it’s a matter for them, not us.
Except that its a load of bollocks dreamed up by The Sun to drive more culture war nonsense and divert attention from the government-created skipfire we're currently having to live through.

Comment from the FA:
"Contrary to reports this morning, the FA still plays Three Lions at major Wembley matches and has never had any intention of doing otherwise... The song belongs to the fans and is about the hope of following the England team. It was requested by the FA to be played as one of our team songs at the 2018 World Cup and at the Euros last summer and this is our plan at tournaments going forward.”

Ten second fact-check would have saved your ticker going into overdrive.
Ah, so there is no cultures war then? Big Grin