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Full Version: positive attitude
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Anyone watching the England cricket team can hardly avoid the difference that an attacking, positive mindset can make to the same set of players.
I do hope NC+1 are watching and can set us up to muller teams at home right from the start!
A positive attitude doesn't matter when you don't have the players of a required standard.

Raggett, Curtis, Harness, Hackett Fairchild as examples are not good enough for a team wanting promotion. We have failed with these players before yet are keeping them. They won't improve now and won't get us promoted. We will add a few rubbish freebies and loans again. Rinse and repeat.

Reminds me when managers go on about systems etc, they over complicate things. Football is a simple game. The Spain world cup winning manager says that good players can play in any system and should be to a certain extent be given a free reign.

I know it's am extreme example using Spain but if you have good players, even to the elite level, they'll always find a way to shine and perform.

Unfortunately which ever way we butter it up, whether that's with tactics etc, we simply do not have a squad that is anywhere near good enough for promotion.

We need 10 good additions to gain promotion, those those the Carter and Hirst level. And we won't get them sadly.

We can blame the manager somewhat but it goes higher. He can't take all the blame. We don't have a scouting network or investment being made into the team.

We simply don't have the quality of player for promotion at this club at the moment and no amount of wishing will get us promotion with these players.
Why won’t the players improve? What’s to say we won’t get the quality of Hirst and Carter? We did before so why can’t we again?

The squad isn’t finished, no squad in this league is.
Cowley is a walking talking positive propaganda machine and the players are still shit.

He is literally already doing what is being advocated.
a difference between having a proven winner taking over a failing team, especially one who does less talking and does keep it extremely simple.
No amount of Cowleys nonsense talk will turn this group of players into promotion winners.