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Full Version: Ratings
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Mac- not much to do although the goal was a bit soft 6
Johnson - excellent, especially after being out for 8 games 9
Jack - pretty solid, just beaten once for pace 7
Raggetti - wins everything in the air, lucky with a rash lunge near the end. Still makes my heart flutter every time he receives the ball as he tends to need a second too many to control it and distribute it. Did ok though yesterday 7
Brown - good game yesterday, especially going forward. Got beaten a couple of times 7
Naylor - did nothing wrong, helped by Jacobs doing a lot of the distribution. Made his usual excellent break-up contribution 8
Jacobs - very good game, links up play very well and can see a good pass 8
Close - we’ve looked a lot more balanced now with him in the side, shores things up and keeps the ball moving without resorting to a hoof 8
Williams - ref didn’t seem to like him! His usual industrious self, gives us a lot of options, harries really well 7
Harness - playing with more freedom now, an excellent goal and three or four excellent runs and crosses. A player with a lot of potential who’s still only twenty-five 8
Marquis - his usual self, running about a lot, bad ball control, misdirected passes, giving away a lot of fouls although the red could easily have been just a yellow as his foot was at ground height. His redeeming factor was being in the right place at the right time and ultimately scoring the decisive goal which is I suppose what he’s paid for 6
Cannon - ran about a lot, broke up a few attacks
Daniels - not convinced at all, looks very tentative, even slow at times, saw him amble around in defence a couple of times and hardly because he was tired ffs
Rasmus - touched it once I think
A game of two halves. Excellent first half with some really nice footy. The soft goal and sending off made for a very nervy and long second half which I’m sure we would have drawn or even lost under Jackett. The Cowleys have certainly stamped their ideas on the team in record time and it could make for an exciting end to the season with so many of the bottom half still to play. Just a shame they didn’t arrive about a year ago! PUP
Yep. That's how I saw it.

It seems a few Shrewsbury fans were scared to death of Marquis. Can't see why.
Personally I thought Close was a 9, for his magnificent first half show particularly. what a difference he has made.