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21st September 2022 - Isaac Hunt - 16-04-2022

Keep this day clear in your diary

RE: 21st September 2022 - dsmg - 16-04-2022


RE: 21st September 2022 - Isaac Hunt - 16-04-2022

Sorry title bit wrong, date changed
Rejoin March
Saturday 10 September 2022, 12-4pm
London – Park Lane to Parliament Square

RE: 21st September 2022 - essentialmix75 - 16-04-2022


We all ready have a one world government in lock step, have you not seen over the last 2 years!.

RE: 21st September 2022 - Cressers - 16-04-2022

Who'd want to rejoin the EU?
Fact is, it isn't a realistic prospect: The only likely party of government for the foreseeable future are the Tories, and they won't be restarting all the problems the EU issue has caused them over the years.

RE: 21st September 2022 - Hermann's_no_hermit - 17-04-2022

I was a remainer and am still convinced leaving was a massive error on the electorate's part. However there is not a snowball's chance in hell we will rejoinder within the next 10 years so I for one will not be joining any March. Better to just make the most of a bad job for now. This government is screwing things up enough without that.

RE: 21st September 2022 - Isaac Hunt - 17-04-2022

Have faith

RE: 21st September 2022 - stayinupforever - 20-04-2022

Remind me to avoid London on that day!

RE: 21st September 2022 - Isaac Hunt - 20-04-2022

Do think it will be chaotic ?

RE: 21st September 2022 - Cressers - 20-04-2022

No; they'll be lucky to get a bus full. You'll see more away fans in the Milton End.

RE: 21st September 2022 - firqdays - 20-04-2022

Probably will be joined by too many bitter people failing to acknowledge a democratic vote, notwithstanding anarchists !.

RE: 21st September 2022 - exgaffer - 20-04-2022

This would be the same EU that only stopped selling arms to Russia on the 8th April 2022 then.

France (mainly), Germany, Italy, hypocrites of the worst kind.

The best thing we have done in my lifetime is to leave this joke of an organisation.

I hope anyone stupid enough to join this march doesn’t sport any ‘solidarity with Ukraine’ flags, t shirts etc. That really would be laughable.

The Germans are still buying Russian gas despite being warned on countless occasions that making yourself dependent on Russian gas was a schoolboy error.

The EU is failing, why would we wish to get back on a sinking ship ffs?

RE: 21st September 2022 - scouse - 20-04-2022

I shall be there, all things being equal.

I went on a few marches pre-pandemic.

I would have gone on the recent Solidarity With Ukraine march, except I was self-isolating, after testing positive for the virus...

RE: 21st September 2022 - Tufnell_Chimes - 20-04-2022

"The EU is failing, why would we wish to get back on a sinking ship ffs?"

Who's sinking?

RE: 21st September 2022 - Smirnoffexpress - 20-04-2022

Fook the EU and fook the squinying, can’t take coming second remainiacs.

RE: 21st September 2022 - Tufnell_Chimes - 20-04-2022

Show us your winnings!