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Fans conference minutes - Hammie - 30-04-2022

I took the time to read the fans conference minutes today. (linked from the OS) 
There were a few key points I thought.
Safe standing is definitely coming to Fratton as otherwise parts of the Fratton and Milton Ends are likely to be closed by the safety people. I imagine a version of Shrews with standing behind seating. 
Sporting Director. They are looking for a very long term appointment. Reading the comments it looks like they want one in palce very soon to head the transfer business for starters.
Expect more and better streaming of matches
They are impatient about the lack of progress on improving access routes to the ground and see that as an absolute block on large stadium developments. They don't seem to be considering the increase in the park and ride capacity and how that could be factored in, especially for winter matches when it will presumably be fairly empty. 

Worth a read if you have not had time as yet.